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2018 Online Contests

Select the calendar event for contest description: 

About Online Contests

PAPNM (artist, signature and master signature) members are invited to participate in any of several Online Contests.  

General Requirements and Upload Instructions:  


Paint and then Upload the image:  find the album in the menu below.

Vote: All PAPNM members -including Patrons-  will then vote for their favorite contest painting  The vote button will appear in the album during the voting period. Votes are tallied by the system. 

Members will receive emails announcing the start and the end of the voting period - as well as start and end of painting periods.

    Contest Chair

    Select name to send message. Include PAPNM Contests in the subject line


    Participating artist paintings will remain part of the contest album on this site.  

    The Favorite painting will be part of the Home Page slide show for the year.  The Favorite painting artist will receive a prize.

    Mail information to:
    P. O. Box 20503
    Albuquerque, NM

    Mail Payments to: 
    PAPNM Treasurer
    P.O. Box 20503
    Albuquerque, NM

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