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  • 25 Mar 2023 10:00 AM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)


    Saturday March 25th, 2023, 10:00 am - 4:00 am

    Artisan Santa Fe
    2601 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505

    Step into the Golden Period of a master painter. Learn how to paint THE KISS by Gustav Klimt using pearlescent watercolors. PAPNM members Wendy Ahlm and Stephanie West will guide you into owning your own Art Nouveau work of art.

    All Day Workshop | $75 + tax 


  • 15 Mar 2023 9:00 AM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

    Bill was one of the first master signature members of the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico. Visit his website at:

    Workshop Flyer (for printing)

  • 25 Feb 2023 10:00 AM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

    From Michelle:

    "Hello Painters,

    Attached is a flyer for my February weekend workshop at the ABQ Harwood Art Center.  The Supply List is on the Harwood website.  This workshop will really help your working in oils, color-value -temperature "Seeing" and mixing with palette knives, painting from small objects, creating small studies.  Plenty of painting with palette knives as well!  Enjoy painting impasto luscious oils!!!!

    Feel free to email me with any questions you may have!   I think it will get us all ready for Spring painting!

    I hope to see you there!


  • 18 Feb 2023 10:00 AM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

    Michele Byrne: Adding Figures to your Paintings

    More info

    Dates & Price



    Santa Fe, NM

    Contact Info


    More Details

    FEBRUARY 18, 2023

    10 am - 1 pm. Mountain Standard Time

    RECORDING AVAILABLE for purchase.

    Classes are recorded and available on YouTube if you sign up below.

    Learn to add figures to your paintings.

    Whether it's a lone figure in the landscape, two figures having coffee or a street scene full of figures, learn to add them in a believable and natural way.

    I'll do demonstrations and show your some simple ways to practice that will enhance your paintings dramatically. 

    Adding figures to your paintings helps to tell a story in you work. Collectors respond to these stories. We all want to be entertained.

  • 03 Feb 2023 6:22 PM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)




    WHEN: February 3-5, 2023

    WHERE: Sorrel Sky Gallery, 125 W Palace Ave, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

    COST: $395.00


    Sorrel Sky Gallery

    Peggy Immel Fine Art Workshops

    Learn how to capture autumn’s glowing golds, winter’s reflective snow and the lush, fresh greens of spring and summer in this three-day studio workshop. Each day we will focus on a different season as we explore an approach to color and values that will help you understand and achieve that season’s unique atmosphere and light in your paintings. Topics will include basic color theory, understanding chroma, understanding color value, relative color temperature, atmospheric perspective, the effects of light, pigment characteristics and mixing paints. Field studies, photographs and sketches will be used to develop pieces that explore landscape scenes. Reference materials will be provided but students are encouraged to bring their own as well.  Daily demonstrations will be in oil but other media are welcome. This class is open to artists of all ability levels.



    WHEN: February 25-26, 2023

    WHERE: Sorrel Sky Gallery, 828 Main Ave, Durango Colorado 81301

    COST: $295.00


    Sorrel Sky Gallery

    or Peggy Immel Fine Art Workshops

    What artist hasn’t marveled at billowing thunderheads in a cobalt blue sky or a dramatic sunset just before the sun dips below the horizon and wanted to capture those moments on their canvas? This two-day studio workshop will help you reach that goal and bring your landscape paintings to the next level. We will be painting cloudy skies, clear blue skies and sunsets and learning how each of them affects our choices when painting the landscape. Topics include an approach to color and values that will provide insight into how you can achieve luminosity and the effects of atmosphere and light in your paintings. Field studies, photographs and sketches will be used for source material. Reference materials will be provided but students are encouraged to bring their own as well.  Daily demonstrations will be in oil, but other media are welcome. This class is open to artists of all ability levels.



    WHEN: April 14-16, 2023

    WHERE: Expo New Mexico - Hispanic Arts Building, New Mexico Fairgrounds

    Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108

    COST: $345.00

    MORE INFO: Bonnie Buckley, , 505-480-7020

    or Peggy Immel Fine Art

    TO SIGN UP: Contact Bonnie Buckley, , 505-480-7020

    The goal of this three-day studio workshop is to help you develop a process for producing landscape paintings that capture your own vision. We will use field studies, sketches and photographs as our resources for creating successful and memorable landscape paintings. Each day will start with a presentation and a painting demonstration explaining the main points of the day’s lesson. Subject choice, composition and values will be our focus the first day; the second day we will concentrate on color, light and atmospheric perspective; and the final day we will spotlight edgework, paint quality and self-critique.

    Each participant will receive ample and supportive individual coaching and critique and the class is open to artists of all ability levels. Handouts will include a course schedule and written material about the topics covered. Reference photographs to paint from will be provided but students are encouraged to bring their own as well.  Daily demonstrations will be in oil but other media are welcome.



    WHEN: 8/28/2023 - 8/31/2023

    WHERE: Immel Studio and On Location, Taos, NM

    COST: $600.00


    Peggy Immel Fine Art  617-875-0691 

    Capture Taos’s legendary light during four days of plein air painting this summer.  Traveling from Peggy's studio you’ll paint at some of her favorite sites in a small class with plenty of individual attention and personally tailored instruction. This is an oil painting workshop and all levels of painters are welcome.

    The goal of this four-day plein air workshop is to help you develop a process for producing successful landscape paintings en plein air so that you can quickly capture your own vision on canvas. Each day we focus on one of the major skills needed for landscape painting and cover methods to adapt to the plein air environment. We’ll address composition, shapes, values, color, edges, brushwork, subject selection and atmospheric perspective. Daily demonstrations and lectures with accompanying handouts will be followed by painting and one on one critiques in the field where you will be able to practice these principles.

  • 01 Jan 2023 9:00 AM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

    For links, registration and more information visit

    Blue BIrd Studios was founded and is managed by PAPNM Member, Beth Cooper.

  • 03 Dec 2022 10:00 AM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

    Intro to Oil Painting/Color Mixing: Harwood Art Center
    w/ Michelle Chrisman

    2-day workshop on Sat & Sun, December 3rd. & 4th. from 10am-5pm

    Hello Painters!

    From Michelle:

    "I hope that you can attend this 2-day workshop at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque on Saturday & Sunday, December 3rd. & 4th. from 10am-5pm!  If you have never tried OIL PAINTING before or already oil paint and would like to get much better and faster at it and learn all kinds of very helpful new things, please attend this workshop!  

    Increase your skills in creating clean color, intentionally beautiful grays, the different effects of using Transparent vs Opaque paints; how to make any color either warm (comes forward) or cool (recedes back) & how to get all you can from a limited palette and the great fun in painting with a FULL PALETTE!!!!!  We will have several small still lifes of simple objects from which to work from.  If you have never painted with a palette knife, this is your chance!  Whether you choose to paint with a brush or palette knife (or both), I will show you that the ONLY really efficient way to mix oil paint is with a palette knife, saving tons of time with cleaner results.  Also expand your knowledge of painting mediums.  This 2-day workshop will be your breakthrough to taking your oil painting to a higher level just in time for your New Year's painting resolutions!!!

    Please see the attached flyer and feel free to email me with any questions that you may have.

    All levels of painter are welcome.

    I hope to see you soon to paint in the lovely, newly renovated, large dining room at the Historic Harwood Art Center in downtown Albuquerque! "

  • 19 Nov 2022 10:04 AM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

    Online Painting Demonstration of Paris Cafe

    Dates & Price

    11/19/2022 - 11/19/2022


    Michele Byrne Studio

    Contact Info

    Michele Byrne

    More Details


    Learn to paint this PARIS CAFE

    November 19, 2022

    10 am - 1 pm (Mountain Time) - 3 hours ($125)

    Includes one critique of your work

    Step-by-step painting demonstration will help your paintings come to life. Learn to add energy and movement to your composition while telling a narrative. 

    Learn to design a painting full of life and drama that tells a story.

    Also learn how to loosen up and create dynamic impressionistic paintings with a knife and brush.

    I will guide you in the process from start to finish, covering design, perspective and composition along the way.

    It will be recorded for you to watch and paint along later on YouTube.

    Demonstration will include:

    • Dynamic Symmetry and how it is used in my work
    • Demonstrate how I create my Value Study/Thrust Map and explain how it helps me create my composition
    • Demonstrate how to draw the grid onto my canvas
    • Underpainting demo
    • I have recorded the whole process of my palette knife/brush work from start to finish, including paint mixing.
    • I'll also cover how I project the grid onto my photos using Photoshop/and/or Photoshop Elements.
    • Q&A time

  • 18 Nov 2022 12:30 PM | Stephanie West (Administrator)

    Hand-painted Cards You Can Mail or Frame
    Friday November 18th, 2022 | 12:30pm-4:30pm | $60 + tax
    at Artisan Santa Fe

    Learn how to paint your own New Mexico-themed watercolor cards you can frame or send in the mail for the holidays. Artists Wendy Ahlm and Stephanie West will teach you how to paint a variety of enchanting designs. From simple graphics to optional advanced designs, you’ll paint a minimum of five cards. Use the tools & inspiration learned in class to share your holiday spirit. This is a great class for friends or family to attend together. Watercolors will be supplied in this class. However, please feel free to bring your favorite paints and brushes. You will try a variety of brands and colors during class.

    Materials to bring or purchase with 10% discount day of class:

    • Fineline Masking Fluid Pen & Masking Fluid
    • Strathmore Watercolor Postcards 4 x 6″ (comes in a booklet of 15 cards)
    • 3B or 4B Pencil
    • Gum Eraser
    • 1 roll of Artists tape 1/2″ wide
    • 1 round brush, size 8 or 6. Recommended: Princeton Velvet Touch size 8 or size 6 (Find them in the oil paint brush section at Artisan)
    • 1 flat brush – Recommended 3/4″ Princeton Velvet Touch
    • Optional: Krystal Clear bags with a seal for 4 x 6″ cards (One package comes with 25 bags, students are welcome to purchase and share with each other.)

    Artist Bios:

    Stephanie West and Wendy Ahlm belong to the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico. Both are in leadership roles in the non-profit group to connect and help people who are passionate about painting and being in nature. They each paint in watercolor, pastel, and oils and are experienced teachers.

Stephanie West’s artwork at
    Wendy Ahlm’s artwork at


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