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The Plein Air Painters of New Mexico (PAPNM) is a professional association of artists dedicated to the business of preserving and promoting painting "en plein air" - in the open air or outdoors.

PAPNM provides regular opportunities for members to paint together during frequent "paint outs" and hosts juried and open exhibitions of members' work.

David Mayer 1st Place, 2022 Winter Wonderland Contest.
Erik Speyer 2nd Place (tied) 2022 Winter Wonderland Contest.
Carole Belliveau 2nd Place (tied) 2022 Winter Wonderland Contest
TIED FOR FIRST. Michele Byrne. 2021 Color Passages Online Contest- Aspen Vista - SOLD
TIED FOR FIRST. Liz Bartlett Culp. 2021 Color Passages Online Contest"
TIED FOR SECOND. Garcia Loehr, 2021 Color Passages Online Contest , 25. Autumn Wanes -
TIED FOR SECOND. Deanne Kroll. 2021 Color Passages Online Contest. 52, Golden Hour.
Barbara Coleman, BEST OF SHOW, 13th Nat'l Juried Members Exhibition. SOLD. From the Bridge
Jane Chapin BEST OF SIGNATURE MEMBERS. 13th Nat'l Juried Members Exhibition, Chalten Glacier
Chris Morel. BEST OF ARTIST MEMBERS. 13th Nat'l Juried Members Exhibition. Above Valdez
David Knox, Quick Draw First Place. 2021 Taos Plein Air.
Jean Zimmerman. Shimmering Aspens Award- 2021 Taos Plein Air.
Lee MacLeod, Historic Masters Award 2021 Taos Plein Air
Michele Farrier, Best of Show, 2021 Taos Plein Air
Stephanie West FIRST PLACE, 2021 Summer Online Contest.
Richard Szkutnik. Third Place, 2021 Summer Online Contest.
Carole Belliveau, Second Place, 2021 Summer Online Contest.
Lisa Flynn. 1st Place. 2021 Signs of Spring Contest.
Chris Morel. 2nd Place. 2021 Signs of Spring Contest.
Madina Croce. 3rd Place 2021 Signs of Spring Contest.
John Meister, 1st Place, 2021 Jemez Springs Paint Out and Show
Michele Byrne, 2nd Place, 2021 Jemez Springs Paint Out and Show.
Carole Belliveau, 3rd Place, 2021 Jemez Springs Paint Out and Show

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2022 Plein Air Events


Taos Oct 28-Nov 10

Painting in Plein Air

Continuing the legacy of painting outdoors, members enjoy oils, pastels, watercolor and drawing. We have something for everyone to enjoy.


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PACE Juried Slideshow

Paintings at the Plein Air Convention: Album  

More info

Joe Anna Arnette, Yellow Rose Study, Oil, $1400.
Peggy Immel, DEMO, Flash of Gold, 16x10, $700.SOLD. 100% Proceeds to PAPNM.
Paul Murray, pastel. 14x14” $1,950
Dick Wimberly Nambe Arroyo Gate oil 12" x 16" $1,150.00
Deanne Kroll Running Eagle Falls Oil on Linen Canvas 16" x 11" $875.00
Jim Lusk In the foothills Oil on panel 9" x 12" $700.00
Joshua Lance Santa Fe Lights Oil 16" x 20" $950.00
Maggie Robinson â Whose Woods These Areâ Oil on canvas board 9" x 12" $550.00
Richie Vios Santa Elena Watercolor 11" x 14" $800.00
Linda Wells Leafless Pastel 16" x 12" $750.00
Kathleen Reilly Almost Spring Oil 9" x 12" $600.00
Stephanie West FLOWERING FIELD UNDER TAOS MOUNTAINS oil 9" x 12" $325.00. SOLD
Lee MacLeod Dry Wash oil 6" x 8" $400 .SOLD.
Chris Morel August Blumenschein (w/o signature) Oil on Linen Canvas 14" x 11" $2,200.00
Suzanne Morris Summer Snow" oil 12" x 16" $995.00
Bill Meuser Plaza Stroll Oil 12" x 9" $600.00
David Mayer The Colors of Gallisteo Basin New Mexico Oil 9" x 12" $950.00
Erik Speyer Near Caldera Watercolor 9" x 12" $600.00
Michele Byrne Morning Light on the Mesa Oil on Linen Panel 18" x 18" $2,600.00
Phyllis Gunderson Pedernal Oil 8" x 10" $475.00
Barbara Clark Where Jeeps Go Oil 12" x 16" $750.00. SOLD
Ellen Buselli Gate & Bell at Mabel Dodge House oil on linen 10" x 12" x 1" $850.00
Carole Belliveau Abandoned Church Oil 12" x 16" x .25" $980.00 SOLD
lisa flynn Local Color, Arroyo Seco Oil 12" x 12" x 0" $750.00
Jane Chapin Chalten Glacier Oil on linen 6" x 8" x 0" $650.00
Rajen Chanchani First sign of Spring Oil 16" x 20" x 0" $1,900.00
Ginny Bracht Original Horizontality Oil 14" x 11" $650.00
Lorie Batson Winter Muse Oil 12" x 16" $1,000.00
Wendy Ahlm Galisteo Sundials Oil 9" x 12" $495.00 SOLD
Anne Aleshire Summer Pleasure Oil 14" x 11" x .25" $600.00

Fechin Invitational Slideshow


Margi Lucena, Always Changing, 24x18, pastel
Lee McVey, Chamisa Patch, 12x12, oil
Jane Chapin, Storm Over Spirit Mountain, 12x24, oil
Barbara Churchley, Aspen Season, 6x18, pastel
Thomas Wezwick, Cold Waters, 18x24, oil
Albert Handell, The Giant, 16x20, pastel
Peggy Immel, Downstream Promise, 12x16, oil
Tobi Clement, Crimson and Gold, 11x14, pastel
Mike Simpson, Spring Days, 14x18, oil
Tom Blazier, The Mystic, 12x16, oil
Suzanne Morris, Running Free, 12x16, oil
Janice St. Marie, Sing to Me, Autumn, 16x20, pastel
Richard Prather, It's Not Always Going to be This Grey, 11x14, oil
Peggy Trigg, The Hidden Pools, 24x12, oil
Paul Murray, The Wine Shed, 17.5x15, pastel
Nancy Silvia, Cloud Dance Over Taos, 18x24, pastel
JoeAnna Arnett, Chamisa and Asters, 12x16, oil
Jane Hunt, Evening Graze, 11x14, oil
Natasha Isenhour, A Portrait of Trees, 12x24, oil
MaryAnn McGraw, Evensong, 11x14, pastel
Barbara Coleman, Orilla Verde, 16x20, oil
Carole Belliveau, Relic of the Past, 12x16, oil

The Past Year's National Juried Show:

Album with its record number of sales



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Mentorship Program

Announcing a new mentorship program for members. 

Mentorship Program

Sandstone Bluffs, March 12, 2022, by Sheila Kaplan, organized by Michael Chesley Johnson
Sandstone Bluffs with lava fields in the background. March 12, 2022
Michael Chelsea Johnson painting at Sandstone Bluffs on March 12, 2022
"Vertical Drop" 9x12 oil / Michael Chesley Johnson / Sandstone Bluffs Paintout, March 12, 2022
"Bluff" 9x12 oil / Michael Chesley Johnson / Sandstone Bluffs Paintout, March 12, 2022
Michael Chesley Johnson / Sandstone Bluffs Paintout, March 12, 2022 / Photo: Trina Stephenson
Sandstone Bluffs Paintout, March 12, 2022 / Photo: Michael Chesley Johnson
Ken Foster / Sandstone Bluffs Paintout, March 12, 2022 / Photo: Michael Chesley Johnson
Sandstone Bluffs Paintout, March 12, 2022 / Photo: Trina Stephenson
Helen McComas / Sandstone Bluffs Paintout, March 12, 2022 / Photo: Trina Stephenson
Los Poblanos is a treasured jewel in Los Ranchos, NM: lavender fields, large sunflowers, luxurious cottages and fine dining. PAPNM Paint Out, Aug 2019. Watercolor 10 x 14", Wendy Ahlm.
August 21, 2021, Jemez Paint Out. Thank you Susan for sharing your home and property. Ruan B.
August 21, 2021, Jemez Paint Out. Ruan B.
August 21, 2021, Jemez Paint Out. Fantastic views. Thanks again Susan. Ruan B.
PAPNM Members painting at the Lavender Market in Los Rancho on July 25, 2021. Photo courtesy of Ginny Bracht.
PAPNM Members painting at the Lavender Market in Los Rancho on July 25, 2021. Photo courtesy of Ginny Bracht.
Cerrillos Heat - 9x12 Oil/Panel - Michael Chesley Johnson June19, 2021 Paintout at Cerrillos Hills State Park
At the June 19, 2021 Cerrillos Hills State Park paintout. The gnats were terrible! I had to stuff bit of paper toweling in my ears to keep them out.
Handy tips to defend against pesky gnats: Deet-Free REPEL plus paper toweling stuffed in the ear canals. June 19, 2021 Cerrillos Hills State Park Paintout
Placita, NM, April 3, 2021, James Trigg
Placita, NM, April 3, 2021, James Trigg
Placita, NM, April 3, 2021, James Trigg
In the Shadows, 9x12, oil/panel by Michael Chesley Johnson South Narrows Picnic Area Paintout 3/20/21, Grants NM
Tina Little South Narrows Picnic Area Paintout 3/20/21, Grants NM (Photo Michael Chesley Johnson)
Pam Davis South Narrows Picnic Area Paintout 3/20/21, Grants NM (Photo Michael Chesley Johnson)
Michael Chesley Johnson South Narrows Picnic Area Paintout 3/20/21, Grants NM (Photo Michael Chesley Johnson)
Wendy Ahlm South Narrows Picnic Area Paintout 3/20/21, Grants NM (Photo Michael Chesley Johnson
Michael Chesley Johnson South Narrows Picnic Area Paintout 3/20/21, Grants NM (Photo Michael Chesley Johnson)
Jay Leutwyler South Narrows Picnic Area Paintout 3/20/21, Grants NM (Photo Michael Chesley Johnson)
South Narrows Picnic Area Paintout 3/20/21, Grants NM (Photo Michael Chesley Johnson)
Michael Chesley Johnson & Raku South Narrows Picnic Area Paintout 3/20/21, Grants NM (Photo Michael Chesley Johnson)
Getting out in all weather builds endurance! (Photo by Stephanie West)
Ramah Lake Paintout 9/26/2020 Painting by Connie Smith
Path to the Lake 9x12 Oil by Michael Chesley Johnson Ramah Lake Paintout 9/26/2020
Ramah Lake Paintout 9/26/2020
Ramah Lake Paintout 9/26/2020
Ramah Lake Paintout 9/26/2020 - Michael Chesley Johnson
Ramah Lake Paintout 9/26/2020
Ramah Lake Paintout 9/26/2020
I was the only artist at the printout at Lamy this morning. It was sunny but very cold. This is one of the two paintings I did today. Erik Speyer March 21 2020
Lamy today at the Paintout. I was the only artist there, which is too bad because the sun was bright and sometimes warm. It was, however, very cold. Erik Speyer, Lamy, 3/21/'22
9th National Juried Member Show Paintout location, Leonora Curtin Wetlands, Santa Fe, NM>

PAPNM Members - Activities



Paint Outs



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  • 27 May 2022 12:42 PM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

    "White Dove (Peace Dove)," acrylic on board, 10 x 10 in. — Judith Howells

    PAPNM member, Judy Howells, has organized a Colors for Ukraine exhibition with the  Martha's Vineyard Art Association, May 27 - Jun 3.

    You may read the article in the Martha's Vineyard newspaper here:

    Also visit Judy's website:

    Colors for Ukraine,” a benefit exhibit at Old Sculpin Gallery, May 27 to June 3. 58 Dock St., Edgartown. 508-627-4881,

    Sunflowers are currently in bloom at the Old Sculpin Gallery in Edgartown. Decorating the walls of the historic gallery, operated by the Martha’s Vineyard Art Association (MVAA), are dozens of images of the brilliant, bright yellow flowers whose image has come to represent support for the Ukrainian people. 

    The sunflower is not only the national flower of Ukraine, it has also come to be used as a symbol of peace. (In June 1996, ministers from the U.S., Russia, and Ukraine marked Ukraine’s nuclear weapon disarmament by planting sunflowers at the Pervomaysk missile base.)

    As a show of support for the people of Ukraine, the MVAA chose to kick off its summer season with a fundraising show titled “Colors for Ukraine,” featuring work by 20-plus of the gallery’s members who, in keeping with the theme of the show, are offering work focusing either on sunflowers and/or the colors of the Ukrainian flag. 

    The artists will donate a minimum of 20 percent of their proceeds to an organization called World Central Kitchen, which has since the beginning of the war provided 25 million meals to the people of Ukraine. Their motto is “Food is a universal right.”

    While many of the artists chose to represent sunflowers in their contributions to the show, others have used the color theme in a variety of creative ways. Theresa Yuan’s oil painting, “Stone Walls,” features a striated blue sky above the painting’s focal point, with a field of yellow daffodils below. Judith Howells, who came up with the idea and curated the show, chose another symbol of peace — a white dove — for her contribution. Standing in front of a golden orb against a vivid blue background — the image both represents an ideal and pays homage to the colors of Mother Nature to be found in the sky and sun. 

    Brian Kirkpatrick found a clever way to honor the theme and the cause. His painting “President Zelensky” shows the Ukraine leader sitting in a yellow chair in a blue room holding a white rabbit on his lap. The large painting, done in Kirkpatrick’s signature colorful whimsical style, provides a bold graphic art–influenced image. 

    The show includes photography and ceramics as well as paintings. Incorporated in 1954, the nonprofit MVAA is the Island’s oldest art organization. Its mission is “to increase facilities of art education, create interest in the arts, make an art center for the whole Island, establish a permanent collection, and preserve an old landmark.” Housed in a former boatbuilder’s shed, the gallery has been providing a space for exhibitions and workshops for almost 70 years. The MVAA also fosters art education, and provides scholarships for local high school students. 

    Howells (who is also the membership chairman) notes that the member artists responded enthusiastically to her call for participants. “It’s really about the members showing support, using art as a way to show a sense of support to people who are enduring a sudden displacement. We want our artwork to send a powerful message of hope and support to those suffering in this humanitarian crisis.”

  • 15 May 2022 11:05 AM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

    Congratulations to PAPNM Member, Spike Ress, for this award of Excellence in the 6th Annual AIS Impressions Small Works Showcase 2022.

    The exhibit is in Taos at the Wilder NIghtingale Gallery, May 12-June 19.

  • 12 May 2022 8:30 AM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

    Michele Byrne, "Berta Zoltan - Budapest Hungary" - 36"x24"


    "Thrilled to be featured in the Five To Watch column in the new issue of @fineartconnoisseurmag. After working on the series for a few years it feels great to get some recognition. This series refle

    cts women who have immigrated from other countries, or their family has. This piece is of my friend - Berta Zoltan, born in Budapest. Birdie Zoltan

    FABRIC OF AMERICA is the theme. We are all a different color thread of one large human tapestry. Unity for all!!

    Pick up a copy, there’s always incredible artwork in every issue. "

  • 07 May 2022 7:27 AM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)



    Looking West, Jane Hunt, 24x28, oil

    Congratulations to PAPNM Members, Chris Morel and Jane Hunt, for being in the top 25 Salon Winners for this year (sponsored by Plein air Magazine).

    All 25 Finalists:

    From Chris:

    Hi Everybody,
    Really excited to announce my painting "Couse House Poppies" has been selected as one of the Top 25 Finalists for the 11th Annual Plein Air Salon Competition. They’ll be announcing the winners on Tuesday, May 17th live at the Plein Air Convention & Expo in Santa Fe, NM.
    Over 3400 artists submitted a total of 8400 paintings in the 11th Annual PleinAir Salon Monthly Competitions.
    Of those artworks, over 250 were included in the judging for this year’s PleinAir Salon Annual Awards.
    And finally it has been reduced to 25 finalists.
    Best of luck to all who've been selected and I'll be there at the award ceremony to see what happens May 17th 7:00pm.
    Hope to see you there.

  • 06 May 2022 9:32 AM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)


    Joe Anna Arnett and how to prepare for visiting and painting in Santa Fe.

    “There’s so much here,” Joe Anna said. “We’re in this very unusual high desert, which people first think sounds desolate without that much going on, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The colors are so rich. I know if people haven’t been to northern New Mexico, they’re going to be surprised.”

    See much more  here about the NM landscape:

    But in particular scroll down to read these important tips for out-of-state folks:

    "Joe Anna reminds us to be physically prepared for plein air in New Mexico as well. “Please bring a big hat,” she said. “You’ve got to shade your eyes. You’ll notice that the local artists are the ones with the really big hats. You want to shade your eyes, but the light can bounce. You also want to be prepared with sunscreen. I also wear long sleeves to protect my arms and hands from the sun. So when you go out on location, you have your big hat, you have your sunscreen, and you have to have water, because it is a desert and it is dry.”

    Speaking of water, we advise everyone to start drinking extra water several days before you begin your travels to New Mexico, partly because of the change in altitude most of us will experience. For example, I’m coming from the forest-rich, rolling hills of Kentucky, with an elevation of only 530 feet. (You can simply Google your state and the word “altitude” if you’re curious about the difference for you.)

    When it comes to arriving at PACE, Joe Anna reminds us that our water intake should continue. “You want to hydrate the whole time — before and during,” she said. “You may not be thirsty, but I kind of take water all the time. The high altitude can surprise you. If you’re hydrating, not gulping water but just sipping it continuously, you will probably avoid any kind of headache.”

    It will be helpful to know what clothes to pack as well. “The key out here in springtime is to layer,” Joe Anna said. “I have gone out to paint on a cool spring morning and had to stop and shake the snow off because a little snow squall came up, and then roll up my sleeves because the sun came back out, and then it was back to light cold drizzle. I wear a shirt with pockets — artists have to have pockets. I also wear a sweater, and over that I may even have a light down jacket that I can roll up tightly in my backpack.”

  • 06 May 2022 7:34 AM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

    Overcome Your Introversion: Networking at Plein Air Events

    Networking for Artists > As artists and creatives, many of us tend to be on the shy side. We like to focus on our own thing, and we enjoy being alone in the quiet, focused space of the creative process. With spring and endless fairs and festivals upon us, there comes a time when we’ll need to — Heaven forbid — talk to a stranger.

    To get some expert insights on networking at art events, I reached out to plein air painter Michele Byrne, who we’ll soon meet in Santa Fe at the Plein Air Convention & Expo. Her advice is to look at the schedule and pick out the artists you most want to learn from, and then make it a point to introduce yourself.

    “That’s why we’re here,” she said. “Don’t be shy about talking to the artists. We’re just people, and we love to hear from others. We all have the same thing in common; we all want to talk about colors and paint and process and materials.”



  • 03 May 2022 12:01 PM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

    Visit Member Workshops to view workshops by

    Anita Louise West and

    Stephanie West and Wendy Ahlm

  • 03 May 2022 9:00 AM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

    Visit Member Workshops to see posts for workshops by: 

    Peggy Immel, Mike Mahon and Chris Morel:

    For more information click:

  • 02 May 2022 8:44 AM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

    1st Place Oil/Acrylics, Rajen Chanchani, Majestic Sangres

    Mar 26 - Apr 16

    Congratulations to the following PAPNM Members:

    Standard Fine Art winners (11 out of 27 winners)

    Rajen Chanchani, 1st Place - Oil/Acrylic, Majestic Sangres

    Barbara Coleman, 3rd Place - Oil/Acrylic, Morning Cliffs

    Katherine Irish, 2nd Place - Pastel, Radiant Heart

    Paul Murray, 3rd Place - Pastel, Black Mesa

    Diane Arenberg, Honorable Mention, Timeless Beauty

    Michael Meyers, Award of Excellence, Blue Eyes and Butterflies

    Albert Handell, Award of Excellence-Pastel, The Green Carpet

    John Meister, RGAA GIVE BACK Award of Excellence, Bamboo ofter the Rain

    Connie Falk, Wilson Hurley Enchantment Award of Excellence, Embudo Canyon

    Tom Blazier, Garcia Automotive Group, Before the Storm

    Roger Gathman, Roger Peterson Award, Three's Not a Crowd

    View all winners and entries:

     Miniature/Small Works Division Winners:

    Pat Leister, 2nd Place - Watercolor, Peaceful Moment

    Paul Murray2nd Place - Acrylic,  Touristas

    Paul Murray, 1st Place-Inks/Prints/Drawing,Spare 

    Honorable Mention:

    Diane BusterSnowy Cliffs

    Sondra SchlotterbackValley Winter

    List of all small work winners and entries:

    Please write to karen.halbert@gmail if your award is missing here.

  • 01 May 2022 2:06 PM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

    And Carolyn Lindsey received an Honorable Mention for her Dillia Farm: 

    Congratulations, Chris Morel and Carolyn Lindsey. 

    Congratulations also to the additional following PAPNM Artists* accepted into this Second Annual Online Show: Carole Belliveau, Michele Farrier, Peggy Immel, Katherine Irish and Peggy Trigg.

    There were 1710  Entries and 244 Juried into the Show. 

    *Please write to if your name was inadvertently not included in this list.

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