PAPNM events

PAPNM sponsors many events and shows throughout the year - juried and non-juried member shows, invitational shows and online contests. Paintouts are associated with some of these activities.  All corresponding calendar events can be seen in the Calendar, including contests. Albums of the participating paintings and the winners are linked from each individual page. In addition an overview of all Albums can be seen on the Albums page.  In 2018 a contest will be held during each of the four seasons

Current or Upcoming              Proposed              Past


Reserved for Events that do not yet have dates or details - or other future events. 

2019 Summer Juried Show in Taos at the Fechin Museum

2020 Santa Fe Plein Air Fiesta


Note that website pages were not constructed prior to 2016. However,  albums for shows back to 2010 are available on the Albums page. In addition, you can find the equivalent calendar event on the Calendar page, scrolling down to the Past Events' section.

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