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PAPNM Member Paint outs

Artists Plein Air Painting Outdoors

Paint outs in beautiful outdoor locations throughout New Mexico provide members and non-members organized opportunities to build plein air skills in the company of other artists. From painting natural open vistas to churches and rustic adobes, this popular activity is a favorite. Social distancing is required at paint outs during current Coved-19 conditions. 

Check back frequently to view scheduled paint outs! Also check out any additions to the album and to the new stories' page

Upcoming paint outs

  • No upcoming paint outs scheduled yet

For More Information

To invite a guest or inquire about a paint out, feel free to contact our leads including the Events Director.

Contact information located below.

Note: Before completing any paint out registration, be sure to complete the Covid-19 release form. Read or download the LiabilityReleaseWaiverDuringPandemic.txt and read the paint outs Protocol.

Paint Outs Protocol

We hereby state that the PAPNM organization, its members, associates or sponsors, are not responsible in any way for paint out participants. PAPNM assumes no responsibility for safety and security at the paint outs.

We urge all painters to use common sense, and be appropriately social distanced when attending our paint outs. PAPNM's scheduled paint outs are considered to be public affairs and, if you choose to attend, you are responsible for your own transportation, personal needs, painting, equipment (including emergency equipment), and most importantly, you are responsible for yourself.

PAPNM generally schedules paint outs every month of the year, on various days of the week. We will offer multi-day or weekend paint outs periodically. In an attempt to provide a variety of choices, paint outs will encompass most regions of the state.

While weather generally doesn't deter our enthusiastic commitment to painting outdoors, occasionally we simply cannot paint at a particular location as planned. We reserve the right to cancel any paint out, and will try to post notification of any cancellations or changes as far in advance as possible.

In an effort to foster camaraderie, we will try to include places for artists to meet after the paint outs. If none is listed and you know of a convenient location, please inform the other participating artists. Relaxing with your fellow artists after painting en plein air is a good opportunity to get to know each other, exchange ideas, show your paintings, etc. When attending a paint out, please use common sense and don't forget to respect the “personal space” of other painters.

With concern to the very environment that we paint, we encourage a strong environmental ethic and hope you will respect native vegetation and wildlife, observe and respect private property boundaries, and obey all local, state and federal laws.

Consider purchasing a GPS or current New Mexico road map to assist you in your travels. All attempts are to give clear and accurate directions. But, as you know, change is constant!

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2020-21 Events Director

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