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Paint out Album

Photos of artists at work or paintings executed at recent paint outs. PAPNM members may upload Paint out images. Use Image Upload Instructions or send image to a paint out chair (in Paint Outs) for uploading (including caption), with PAPNM Paint out Photo in the subject line.  Administrators reserve the right to remove photos. 

92 photo(s) Updated on: 05 Jan 2021
  • Just painted this up in Aldea where I am living. Quick 30 min shoutout to the closing of the day. Water encaustic paint.
  • I love painting aerial views. They offer a great abstract design that allows for the freedom to explore shapes. This painting takes place in the airs of Los Angeles.
  • A studio painting that took me two years to complete. There is a great amount of paint depth and paint expression that is lost in photo translation. This is all about the movement of patterns.
  • It is incredible what you can do with one simple shadow shape.
  • Ramah Lake Paintout 9/26/2020
  • Path to the Lake 9x12 Oil by Michael Chesley Johnson
  • Ramah Lake Paintout 9/26/2020
  • Ramah Lake Paintout 9/26/2020
  • Ramah Lake Paintout 9/26/2020 - Michael Chesley Johnson
  • Ramah Lake Paintout 9/26/2020
  • Ramah Lake Paintout 9/26/2020
  • I was the only artist at the printout at Lamy this morning. It was sunny but very cold. This is one of the two paintings I did today.
  • Lamy today at the Paintout. I was the only artist there, which is too bad because the sun was bright and sometimes warm. It was, however, very cold.
  • Watercolor by Eric Speyer at a paintout in Los Lueros on Oct. 25. Eric reports that: There were quite a few painters there that day, but Early birds were rewarded With a sighting of many cranes.
  • Sharon Abshagen painting out in beautiful Truchas
  • Coronado Monument
  • Coronado monument
  • Coronado Monument
  • Coronado Monument
  • Coronado Monument
  • Lyle Brown -Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Cris Miller - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Lavern Bohlin - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Lynette Fink - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Connie Falk - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Ann LeMay - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Carol Ordogne - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Nancy Davis - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Risa Taylor - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Nancy Oliphant, painting in Pecos
  • Jane Chapin, painting in Pecos
  • Kay Sway, painting in Pecos
  • Ruan Bacigalupa, painting in Pecos
  • Davina Snowden, painting in Pecos
  • Diane Stoffel, painting in Pecos
  • Paintings from a recent paint out in Corrales
  • Purple Adobe Lavender Farm
  • Under the shade
  • Lovely day for a paint out
  • Purple Adobe Lavender Farm in Abiquiu, New Mexico
  • Fields of lavender
  • The finished piece from the tailgate painting demo by Carla ForresJun 23, 2018 at Tingley Beach. For now titled, "A Couple of Buddies at the Beach" .
  • the informal subdivision grid created by Carla Forrest for her demo painting on 6/23/2018. This technique was invented/popularized for illustrations by Andrew Loomis almost a century ago.
  • Carla Forrest at her easel on 6/23/2018 at Tingley Beach.
  • Observers at the Carla Forrest Demo of 6/23/2018 at Tingley Beach.
  • Observers at the Carla Forrest Demo of 6/23/2018 at Tingley Beach.
  • 8x10. Oil. By C.S. Talley. Los Luceros. June 16, 2018.
  • Watercolor by Eric Speyer. "I have taken up painting on a watercolor Moleskin book since they are very handy. One brush, small palette, water container. I usually do four or five paintings per day.
  • Watercolor by Eric Speyer: Painted at an SFPAF Paintout day. Along the Rio Grande on the Orilla Verde. Always a great place to paint. John Marin painted there.
  • Watercolor by Eric Speyer. . “Also painted on an SFPAF day at Ghost Ranch. A great view of the cliffs looking North.”
  • Watercolor by Eric Speyer. “Ghost Ranch entrance road site. A bit dusty but worth it. On the far left is the Chama River”.
  • Watercolor by Eric Speyer. “Two buttes at the entrance to Ghost Ranch. The log cabin (from City Slickers) offers good shade for this view towards the East
  • Photo by Anne Aleshire. Bosque del Apache National Wildlife refuge paintout.
  • Michael Chesney Demo at the Rio Grande Paintout January 2018. 32 artists braved the overcast 30 degree weather to watch his painting demo at the Rio Grande Nature Center. Photo by Lavern Bohlin.
  • Remaining photos of the demo by Dee Sanchez.
  • White Sands yucca from the paintout this past weekend.
  • Laverne Bohlin's setup at the White Sands Paintout on Dec 3, 2017 during the Super Moon weekend. Too bad the cloud cover didn't allow the moon to peek though.
  • White Sands Paintout, Dec 3, 2017. Sunset photo by Laverne Bohlen. Super Moon weekend.
  • Phyllis Gunderson in the RGG of the Rio Grande Paintout.
  • 9th National Juried Member Show Paintout location, Leonora Curtin Wetlands, Santa Fe, NM>

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