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2017 Spring Paintout Photos and Show Opening Photos

In 2017 Spring Paintout and Show participants were invited to submit images from the Paintout. Upload a photo here with caption if desired. Administrators reserve the right to remove a photo.  Please feel free to add the image to the Facebook's page, "Members of Plein Air Painters of New Mexico" also.

Upload Instructions:

  1. Select the Upload photos button on this page.
  2. A popup “Upload photos” will appear with five lines (use only ONE). 
  3. Select a choose file option on one line; a display of your computer’s file structure will appear.
  4. Select the desired image on your computer and select the Choose button.
  5. Select Upload from the resulting popup window; image will appear at the beginning of the list of images on this Album page.

The appearance of the image on the Album page at the end is acknowledgement that it is in the system. 


  1. Select your image in the Album to enlarge/edit
  2. Select the Edit button to enter the caption
  3. In the caption box that appears under the enlarged image, type in a short description
  4. Select Save
31 photo(s) Updated on: 12 May 2017
  • Jemez Spring Gallery with PAPNM Spring Paintout & Show Sign. photo by Linda Heath
  • Karen painting in the Casa Blanca garden.
  • Around the bon fire on Wednesday evening at La Cueva. Photo by road worker.
  • At the bridge of Jemez river at Valles Caldera Wednesday. When I returned home someone stole all my equipment at Walgreen's. A fun time anyway. Keya Horn (I am so sorry to hear that, Keya. Karen).
  • Carrie Schultz painting near the Walatowa Visitor's Center - photo by Ruth Marcanti.
  • Painting shadowy scenes in the Jemez Historical site - Carrie Schultz
  • Oh no, where did my model go? Painting the secret garden path to the river at Casa Blanca. Ruan B.
  • Painting the first day of Spring Paint out at the USFS Bluffs Fishing access area off HWY 4. Was cold and wet. Jim Naugle
  • Artists of winning paintings posing for the camera: (from left to right) Jennifer Leon, Ruan Bacigalupa, Carol Gisela and Dick Wimberly. Peter Grab not attending.
  • Jennifer Leon, 2nd Place for "87025".
  • Carol Gisler, 3rd Place Award for Spring in Jemez.
  • Peter Grab received the CWW Award of Excellence for his Painting Conchas Trail Head.
  • Dick Wimberly, 1st Place for Native Color.
  • Ruan Bacigalupa, CWW Award of Excellence for Valles Caldera.
  • Quieting the large crowd at the opening reception, Dick Wimberly and President Tom Blazier begin the awards ceremony for PAPNM Spring Paintout & Show at Jemez Fine Art Gallery.
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