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2019 Signs of Spring

Online Contest Album

Announcing the Favorite Painting: Blue Notes by Nora Larimer, with the highest number of votes. Congratulations, Nora. She will receive  a gift certificate to an Art Supply store. Thank you to all the participating artists and to the 81 voters!!

16. Nora Larimer. Blue Notes, 12x12”, watercolor, Hill Country Texas near Austin.

31 photo(s) Updated on: 10 Jun 2019
  • 1. Carla Forrest. Corrales Spring, 12 x 9, oil. Location: Corrales, New Mexico
  • 2. Jodi Murphy. Bottomless Bounty
  • 3. Susan Williams. Orchard Garden in Springtime
  • 4. Iliana Alexander. Spring clouds
  • 5. Natasha Isenhour. Old Wellhouse
  • 6. Nancy Elephant. April Outburst, oil on panel, 9"x12",
  • 7. Peggy Marlatt. Springtime in the Desert,10 x 8, pastel, Ajo Arizona
  • 8. Lee MacLeod. Spring In Santa Fe, 8"X10", oil, painted in the Museum Hill arroyo
  • 9. Ginny Bracht. Spring at Red Rocks, 8"x8", oil. Location: Red Rocks, Jemez Mountains.
  • 10. Lisa Flynn. "Lazy Lane", 9"x12" Oil,
  • 11. Peter Grab, “Carmel River” , 9x12 , Oil ,
  • 12. Joyce Nelson. Springtime in the Barrio, 11x14, oil, Tucson, Az.
  • 13. Marilyn Wightman. Country Life. 6 x 12 Eldorado of Santa Fe Pastel
  • 14. Dee Sanchez. The Path, 8x8, oil, Painted at a private garden in Corrales, NM
  • 15. Thomas Wezwick. Early Spring on the Beaver Pond oil 16x20 Northern New Mexico
  • FAVORITE. 16. Nora Larimer. Blue Notes, 12x12", Watercolor, Location: Hill Country Texas near Austin
  • 17. Erik Speyer. Upper Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM
  • 18. Lynnett Fink. Corrales Forsythia, 16" X 16”, Corrales, NM
  • 19. Karen Halbert. Desert High Spring Poppies, 6x8, oil, Picacho Peak State Park. Arizona.
  • 20. James Trigg. Red Roses, 12" x 12", oil on panel, Rancho Jacona
  • 21. Lucas Gonzales. Tranquilo, 11x14, Acrylic
  • 22. Karyn DeBont. Spring Cactus, 8"x10", oil, Location: Socorro, NM.
  • 23. Karen Nelson. Lily Pond at Rancho Jacona, 8X10 Oil
  • 24. Marcia Williams. Peonies and yellow flag iris, 9 x 12, oil, Rancho Jacona
  • 25. Carol Ordogne. Burst of Spring, 12 x 16, oil
  • 26. C.S. (Steve) Talley. The Last Snow, Taos Mountain. Oil. 9" x 12". Location: From Espinoza Road, Taos, New Mexico.
  • 27. Jim Naugle. Coronado Spring Morning, oil, 8x10, from the Coronada Historic Site on the primitive trail looking across the Rio Grande to the Sandia mountains.
  • 28. Donna Barnhill. "A Crooked Little House" 8" x 10" oil on panel, Painted en Plein Air out by Espanola
  • 29. Jennifer Leon. "May Snow" 18"x24" oil on board. The Great Sand Dunes, Mosca, CO.
  • 30. Rajen Chanchani. Spring on Rio Grande, 12" x 12", Oil, East end of Namaste Rd., Albuquerque.
  • 31. Wendy Ahim. Morning Glory, 9.75” x 13.75”, watercolor. Location: Rio Grande Nature Center

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