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14th National Juried Members Exhibition
OCT 28 - NOV 10 2022

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84 photo(s) Updated on: 22 Oct 2022
  • Abshagen,Sharon, Final Days At Havilland Lake,OiI,12x12,$575.
  • Ahlm,Wendy, This Old Porch,OiI,9x12,$595
  • Barnhill,Donna, Haze in the Hills,OiI,9x12,$850
  • Batson,Lorie, The Turquoise Door,OiI,12x16,$1000
  • Belliveau,Carole, Red Rocks in Summer,OiI,11x14,$895.
  • Blackwood,Candace, Walk West,OiI,8x10,$450
  • Blazier,Tom, Los Poblanos Morning,OiI,10x8,$600
  • Blythe,Anita, September Skies,OiI,11x14,$950
  • Bonham,Liz, Los Poblanos Lavender Field,OiI,11x14,$850
  • Bracht, Ginny, Sandstone Bluffs,OiI,10x8,$450
  • Brandenburger, Marilynn, Bridge at Spring Creek,Ink and Watercolor on paper,7x10,$475
  • Bridge, Sarah, Church Rock,Watercolor and pen and ink,11x14,$400
  • Brown, Tom, Summer Morning in Larkspur,Watercolor,10x14,$1200
  • Buselli, Ellen , Overgrown Entranceway at Couse-Sharpe Compound, Taos, NM,OiI on linen,10x12,$2000
  • Wild Sage Gallery Award. Byrne, Michele, Apples & Adobe,OiI on Linen Panel,16x12,$2000
  • Chanchani, Rajen, Summer Evening,Acrylic/OiI,10x15,$1000
  • Chapin, Jane, A little spot,OiI,9x12,$1050
  • Coleman, Barbara, Skitter Light Before the Storm,OiI,8x16,$1300
  • Croce, Madina, Happy Summer!,OiI on panel,11x14,$1200
  • Culp, Liz, Mary and Joe's View,OiI on canvas,8x10,$1200
  • Currey-Brown, Boneta, Dream Garden,OiI on Linen,10x10,$475
  • Jeffrey Potter Memorial Award. Davis, Nancy J, The Sacramento,OiI,9x12,$850
  • Day, Larry, Upper Canyon Road, Santa Fe,Watercolor with gouache,10x14,$900
  • Dean, Carrie, Off Pist at Taos Ski Valley (no signature),OiI,13x10,$600
  • DeBont, Karyn, Kelly Chamisa,OiI on linen panel,12x9,$575
  • Artists' Choice Award. Deeb, Lamya, More on the Way,OiI,9x12,$1100
  • Ethelbah, Gwen Meyer, Olive Tree,OiI,9x12,$600
  • Ettinger, Mary Pat, Color of July,Acrylic on canvas,10x8,$475
  • Farrier, Michele, Mesa Verde Escarpment,OiI,12x16,$975
  • PAPNM Founders Award. Flynn, Lisa, Spring in Arroyo Seco,OiI,12x12,$850
  • Gathman, Roger, Rocky Trail,OiI,8x10,$500
  • Grab, Peter, Taos Gorge,OiI,10x17,$900
  • Green, Rosemarie, Peacefully Poised,Watercolor,11x14,$500
  • Halbert, Karen, Balboa Park Impression,OiI,14x11,$600
  • Hansen, Kat, Rancho de Taos Morning Light,Pastel,15.5x12,$900
  • Hartman, Ken, Mountain Chapel,Watercolor,14x12,$800
  • Hemler, Douglas, Evening in Grand County,OiI on board.,7x13,$450
  • Henderson, Kathie, Morning down at the Creek, Ghost Ranch,OiI and cold wax,12x16,$485
  • Inson, Cynthia, Dancing in the Light,OiI,10x8,$925
  • Best of Artist Members Award of Excellence. Jenemann, Ann, Diablo Sketch,OiI,9x12,$500
  • Jordan, Amy, Eklutna Traverse: Final Headwall,Watercolor,7x10,$400
  • Kearny, Lynn, Chama Breeze,Soft Pastel,8x12,$600
  • Khalsa, Gurukirn, Ghost Ranch,Watercolor,9x11,$700
  • Knox, David, Mabel's Gate,Gouache,6.5x11,$700
  • Kroll, Deanne, Echo Amphitheatre in Abiquiu NM,OiI on Panel,16x12,$875
  • Lance, Joshua, Santa Fe Blue Door,OiI,11x14,$1250
  • Larimer, Nora, Wildflowers in the Mountains,Watercolor,11.25x7,$500
  • Linden, Janeice, Moraine Warmth,OiI,11x14,$750
  • Lusk, Jim, On the Mesa 7-26-22,OiI on panel,5x14,$700
  • Louisa McElwain Memorial Award.
  • May, Elizabeth, Cactus Garden,OiI on Panel,12x16,$650
  • Mayer, David, A Pinon Winter Morning,OiI,11x14,$1150
  • Meister, John, Different Lifetimes,OiI on Linen Panel,16x12,$1950
  • Meuser, Bill, Window Shopping,OiI,16x12,$900
  • Misner, John, Lake Murray CCC Watertower April,Acrylic,10x8,$500
  • Neer, Elizabeth, White Shed, Rock Corral Ranch,Soft Pastel,9x12,$600
  • Paisner, Deborah, Shonard House,OiI,11x14,$1475
  • Parks, Jay, Yosemite Summer Day,OiI,10x12,$650
  • Pearson, Rachel, Drifting,Pastel,12x18,$600
  • Reilly, Kathleen, Still Fighting,OiI on panel,9x12,$600
  • Best of Artist Members. Ress, Spike, Navajo Desert,Gouache,9x12,$1600.
  • Sackett, Louise, Old Carr Place,OiI,11x14,$500
  • Schleck, Suzanne, Under the Shade Tree,OiI On Canvas,9x12,$699
  • Margie Lucena Memorial Award. Silvia, Nancy, Winter Afternoon in Taos Canyon,Pastel on textured board,12x18,$950
  • Best of Signature Members. Simpson, Mike, Little Red Springs,OiI,12x9,$900
  • Best of Artist Members Honorable Mention.
  • St Marie, Janice, Blue Sky Over Mountains,Pastel,6x12,$450
  • Trigg, James, Foretelling Autumn,OiI on panel,9x12,$700
  • Unger, Stephen, Yucca Sundown,Acrylic Plein Air,14x11,$890
  • Vigi-Vigil, Susan, Distant Thunder,OiI,14x11,$800
  • Vordermark, Jonathan, Utah Pastoral,OiI on Canvas Panel,11x14,$616
  • Wells, Linda, Winter Runoff,OiI,8x12,$850
  • West, Stephanie, Cerro Pedernal,OiI,9x12,$1200
  • Wightman, Marilyn, Aspen Trunks,Pastel,12x9,$675
  • Williams, Marcia, Nambe in Winter,OiI,12x16,$1200.
  • Wimberly, Dick, 10k Dream Trail 2,OiI,9x12,$750
  • Winfield, Beth, Astral View,OiI,8x10,$450
  • Albert Handell, Master Signature Artist. Rushing Waters, Pastel, 12x18", $7500
  • Joe Anna Arnett, Master Signature Artist, O'Keeffe Country, Oil, 9x12", $1600
  • Peggy Immel, Master Signature Artist, Gunsight Notch, Oil, 8x10, $650
  • Paul Murray, Master Signature Artist, Blue Gate, Pastel, 16x16, $950.
  • Walt Gonske, Master Signature Artist, Going to Market - Antigua Guatemala, Oil, 11x14", $4000
  • Patrick Saunders, Judge of Awards, "Guest House", oil on linen, 18"x24"

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