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2023 Fechin Invitational Gallery View

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Bill Gallen, Blue Heaven, Study, 8x16, oil, $2250.00
Bill Gallen, Foothills Morning, 12x18, oil, $3250.00
Tom Blazier, As Night Falls, 12x9, oil, $900.00
Walt Gonske, The Houndstooth, 12x16, oil, $5000.00
Janice St. Marie, Distant Mountains, 6x12, pastel, $550.00
Jane Chapin, Fishing Yellowstone, 12x16, oil, $1750.00
Anita Louise West, Lamy, 9x12, oil, $995.00
Anita Louise West, Cove, 12x16, oil, $1250.00
Clive Tyler, River Sunset, 8x10 pastel, $950.00
Clive Tyler, Winter River, 9x12, pastel, $1200.00
Janice St. Marie, Chamisa in the Arroyo, 9x12, pastel, $650.00
Richard Prather, Moab Light, 12x9, oil, $1100.00
Barbara Churchley, Aspens Season, 6x18, pastel, $900.00
Mike Simpson, Rainy Day Aspens, 9x12, oil, $650.00
Dick Wimberly, Where the Mountain Meets the Sky, 9x12, oil, $650.00
Dick Wimberly, Hanging with Buds, 12x9, oil, $700.00
Thomas Wezwick, Winter on the Gallinas River, 11x14, oil, $850.00
Thomas Wezwick, Wild Flowers, 12x16, oil, $950.00
Peggy Trigg, Into the Gully at Windy Point, 14x11, oil, $765.00
Susan McCullough, Taos Gorge, 9x12, oil, $750.00
Nancy Silvia, Christmas Eve at Taos Pueblo, 8x10, pastel, $800.00
Nancy Silvia, Hazy Day in the Desert, 12x16, pastel, $1200.00
Suzanne Morris, Summer Greens, 8x16, oil,$695.00
MaryAnn McGraw, Window Seat, 8x10, pastel, $775.00
Lee MacLeod, Passing Storm, 7x11, oil, $800.00
Lee MacLeod, Morning Light Show, 11x14, oil, $950.00
Damien Gonzales, Rose Thundercloud, 8x10, oil, $1000.00
Barbara Coleman, Skitter Light on Chimney Rock, 11x14, oil, $1200.00
Barbara Coleman, Walt;s Gate, 12x16, oil, $1700.00
Tobi Clement, Divine Light, 9x12, pastel, $700.00
Jane Chapin, Reservoir, 11x14, oil, $1450.00
Michele Byrne, Truchas Morning Conversations, 12x16, $2000.00
Michele Byrne, Snow Caps and Rooftops, 8x10, oil, $1100.00
Tom Blazier, Los Poblanos Moon, 9x12, oil, $900.00
Carole Belliveau, Little Adobe in Ojo Sarco, 9x12, oil, $650.00
Carole Belliveau, Early Morning Shadows, 12x16, oil, $1250.00
Lee McVey, Neopolitan Cliffs and Clouds, 8x10, pastel, $895.00
Peggy Immel, Spring Fling, 9x12, oil, $800.00
Walt Gonske, Late September Chamisa, 9x12, oil, $3000.00

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