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2020 Taos Plein Air: Juried Members Album

E. L. Blumenshein Museum

  • BEST OF SHOW Kathleen Reilly Playground Lockdown
  • AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Peter Grab Ghost Ranch
  • ARCHITECTURAL Carolyn Lindsey Sullivan Farm
  • ENCHANTED SKY Dick Wimberly Stillnss at Sunset
  • HISTORIC MASTERS Donna Barnhill Pecos Morning
  • HONORABLE MENTION Liz Bonham Ghost Ranch Ridge
  • HONORABLE MENTION Barbara Churchley Sageland

Award Winners Announcement Video by Judge, Lyn Boyer

Commentary by Judge, Lyn Boyer.

67 photo(s) Updated on: 20 Jul 2020
  • Ahlm, Wendy_"Between"_Watercolor_12x16_$700.
  • Ahlm, Wendy_"Monastery Road"_watercolor_12x16_$700.
  • Arenberg, Diane_"Beautifully Aged"_pastel_13x13_$850.
  • Arenberg, Diane_"Daybreak"_pastel_12x16_$950.
  • Bandeen, Reid_"Sandia Dawn"_ oil on linen_7x12_$500.
  • HISTORIC MASTERS AWARD. SOLD, Barnhill, Donna_"Pecos Morning"_oil_9x12_$500.
  • Barnhill, Donna_"The Iris Dance"_oil_9x12_$625.
  • Belliveau, Carole_"Looking North'_11x14_oil_$600.
  • Belliveau, Carole_"Winter Light"_oil_11x14_$600.
  • Berg, Marian_"Glowing Mesas"_oil on panel_8x16_$400.
  • Blythe, Anita_"Afternoon Taos"_oil_14x11_$850.
  • Bonham, Liz_"Cedar Crest Ridge"_oil_12x16_$950.
  • HONORABLE MENTION. Bonham, Liz_"Ghost Ranch Ridge"_oil_8x10_$500.
  • Ginny Bracht
  • Churchley, Barbara_"In Harmony"_pastel_9x12_$700.
  • HONORABLE MENTION. Churchley, Barbara_"Sageland"_pastel_11x14_$900.
  • Clark, Barbara_"Looking South"_oil_8x10_$500.
  • Clark, Barbara_"She Thinks my Tractor is Sexy"_oil_11x14_$750.
  • Coleman, Barbara_"Hours of Gold"_oil on Linen Panel_10x12_$900.
  • Coleman, Barbara_"There's a Lot Of Dinosaurs Up There"_oil_9x12_$900.
  • Cooper, Elizabeth_"Is the Mail Here Yet?"_oil_12x9_$540.
  • Davis, Terry_"Arroyo"_oil_12x16_$700.
  • DeBont, Karyn_"Sky Serpent, Taos Valley"_oil_8x16_$595.
  • DeBont, Karyn_"Couse Garden"_oil on Linen_10x10_$475.
  • Deeb, Lamya_"Blue Door with Adobe and Sunflowers"_oil_8x8_$650.
  • Deeb,Lamya_"Taos Summer Rain"_oil_8x10_$850.
  • Flynn, Lisa_"Cha Cha cha"_oil_12x12_$900.
  • Flynn, Lisa_"EarlyArrival"_oil on Panel_8x10_$750
  • AWARD OF EXCELLENCE. Grab, Peter_"Ghost Ranch"_oil_12x16_$800.
  • Grab, Peter_"Open Field, Morning"_oil_9x12_$600.
  • Gunderson, Phyllis_"Terra-Cotta"_oil_8x10_$500.
  • Irish, Katherine_"From Echo Amphitheater"_Pastel_12x9_$575.
  • Irish, Katherine_"River by Battleship Rock"_Pastel_11x14_$625.
  • Gurukirn, Khalsa_"Santuario de Chimayo"_Gouache_11x8_$600.
  • Larimer, Nora_"Big Sky Over Rio Grande"_Watercolor_13x13_$500.
  • Lindsey, Carolyn_"Cottonwood"_oil on linen_8x10_$650.
  • ARCHITECTURAL AWARD, Lindsey, Carolyn_"Sullivan Farm"_oil on linen_8.5x14_$750.
  • MacLeod,Lee_"Morning Light on the Mesa"_oil_6x8_$300.
  • MacLeod, Lee_"Bluffs"_oil_9x12_$950
  • Marcanti, Ruth_"Come Walk With Me"_oil_16x12_$600.
  • May, Elizabeth_"Los Luceros"_oil_12x9_$700.
  • McGowan, Jack_"Canoncito Chapel"_oil_12x16_$1200.
  • Meister, John_"Six in a Row"_oil_8x16_$750.
  • Meister, John_"In The Pines"_oil_6x12_$500.
  • Meuser, Bill_"Winter Snowscape"_oil_12x16_$800.
  • Meuser, Bill_"Outcrop"_oil_12x16_$800.
  • Montgomery, David_"Both Sides Now"_oil_9x12_$650.
  • Morel, Chris_"Autum Jicarita"_oil_12x16_$3200.
  • Paisner, Deborah_"Terra Cotta Welcome"_oil_8x10_$700.
  • Paisner, Deborah_"Monte Del Sol"_oil_14x11_$1070.
  • Reilly, Kathleen_
  • BEST OF SHOW, SOLD. Reilly, Kathleen_"Playground Lockdown"_oil_8x10_$525.
  • Sanchez, Dee_"Neighbors"_oil_9x12_$600.
  • Silvia, Nancy_"Approach of Evening at Ghost Ranch"_oil_12x16_$900.
  • Soderman-Olson, Marcia_"Storm Clouds Over Sangres"_oil_5x10.5_$300.
  • Janice St Marie
  • Janice St Marie
  • Richard Szkutnik
  • Richard Szkutnik
  • Susan Vigi-Vigil
  • Stephanie West
  • Stephanie West
  • Marilyn Wightman
  • Marilyn Wightman
  • Dick Wimberly
  • ENCHANTED SKY AWARD. Dick Wimberly
  • Elena Zotova

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