Master and Signature Members Paintings

Margi Lucena, Always Changing, 24x18, pastel
Lee McVey, Chamisa Patch, 12x12, oil
Jane Chapin, Storm Over Spirit Mountain, 12x24, oil
Barbara Churchley, Aspen Season, 6x18, pastel
Thomas Wezwick, Cold Waters, 18x24, oil
Albert Handell, The Giant, 16x20, pastel
Peggy Immel, Downstream Promise, 12x16, oil
Tobi Clement, Crimson and Gold, 11x14, pastel
Mike Simpson, Spring Days, 14x18, oil
Tom Blazier, The Mystic, 12x16, oil
Suzanne Morris, Running Free, 12x16, oil
Janice St. Marie, Sing to Me, Autumn, 16x20, pastel
Richard Prather, It's Not Always Going to be This Grey, 11x14, oil
Peggy Trigg, The Hidden Pools, 24x12, oil
Paul Murray, The Wine Shed, 17.5x15, pastel
Nancy Silvia, Cloud Dance Over Taos, 18x24, pastel
JoeAnna Arnett, Chamisa and Asters, 12x16, oil
Jane Hunt, Evening Graze, 11x14, oil
Natasha Isenhour, A Portrait of Trees, 12x24, oil
MaryAnn McGraw, Evensong, 11x14, pastel
Barbara Coleman, Orilla Verde, 16x20, oil
Carole Belliveau, Relic of the Past, 12x16, oil

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