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 Taos Plein Air: Historic Studios Album

Congratulations to the following award winners for the show. 

Lysa Flynn                   1st Place       $300.
John Meister               2nd Place      $200.
Jane Chapin                3rd Place       $100.
Dick Wimberly            Award of Excellence
Peter Campbell           Honorable Mention
Lee MacLeod              Honorable Mention
Barbara Mulleneaux  Honorable mention
34 photo(s) Updated on: 03 Aug 2019
  • 1st Place, Lisa Flynn Taos Turquoise 10x8 oil $800
  • 2nd Place, Meister John Nicolais Hollyhocks 8x6 oil. $475.
  • 3rd Place. Chapin Jane A Fine Patina 8x10 oil. $850.
  • Akins Mark El Santuario 10x8 oil. $350
  • Bohls Joan_Couse Garden 8x10 oil. $350
  • Campbell Peter_Doorway Couse Sharp House_10x8_oil_$500.
  • Croce Madina_Old Friends_8x10_oil_$800.
  • Currey-Brown Boneta_Casade Cielo Azure_8x10_oil_$450.
  • Deeb Lamya_Fechins Windows_10x8_oil_$850.
  • Dwyer Patty_Bee Heaven_8x10_oil_$400.
  • Erickson Stacy_Couse Apples_10x8_oil_$350.
  • Gonzales Lucas_Al Fin!_8x10_oil_$560.
  • Heil David_Fechin House, Fechin Tribute_8x10_ pastel+ oil stick_$350.
  • Karyn DeBont _After the Rain_10x8_oil_ $425.
  • Kondek Jean_Canales Garden_10x8_oil_$380.
  • MacLeod Lee_Hacienda de los Matinez_6x8_oil_$400.
  • McBrayer Jim_Skyladder II_8x10_oil_$400.
  • McGowan Jack_Ed Sandoval's Turquoise 53_8x10_oil_$500.
  • Mulleneaux Barbara_Bienviendo Monzon_8x10_oil_$625
  • Nelson Joyce_Couse-Sharp Gardens_8x10_oil_$450.
  • Nichols Susan_Adobe Sky_8x10_oil_$450.
  • Norris Joan_ Flowers With A View_8x10_pastel_$345.
  • Pierce Steven_Garden Arch_8x10_ink watercolor_$350
  • Price Johnson Virginia_View from De Los Martinez_8x10_oil_$750.
  • Scott Clare_ Distant Rain_ 8x10_pastel_$400.
  • Silvia Nancy_Fechins Garden_8x8_pastel_$400.
  • Stoffel Diane_Couse Porch_8x10_oil_$300.
  • Trigg Jim_Blumy's Red_10x8_oil_$500.
  • Turner Sarah_Camelia Fechin Garden_10x8_oil_$200.
  • Unseld Virginia_Weathered_8x10_pastel_$600.
  • Urello Carlyle_Couse House Gardens_10x8_oil_$400.
  • Vance Debra_Fechin House-Studio_8x10_watercolor_$350.
  • Williams Marcia_Fechin Still Life_10x8_oil_$450.
  • Wimberly Dick_Elements of Faith_10x8_oil_$475.

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