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2012 Ruidoso Annual Paintout Awards


Awards for 2012 7th Annual Paintout and Exhibition
in coordination with RRCA - Ruidoso, NM

Exhibition Cash Awards:

Best of Show             $300  PAPNM Cash      Nancy Silvia             “By the Lake”, Pastel

Second Place             $200  PAPNM Cash      Howard Brown          Sierra Blanca Aspens”, Oil

Third Place                $100   PAPNM Cash     Joanne Daly              “Untitled”, Oil

Exhibition Merchandise Awards:

Best Pastel:              
            Richeson Art  
$100  Certificte            Patricia Rose Ford     “By the Creek”, Pastel

Best Oil:
           SourceTek Panels $100 value              Peggy Immel 
            "Lazy Morning", Oil

Most Creative:
         Painting Kit Savoir Faire/Sennelier $145 value 
                                                                         Karyn DeBont        “Shady River”,  Oil

Artists' Choice:
          SunEden $25 Certificate                        Diane Buster    "Smoke Haze Lake Bonito", oil

People's Choice:                                              Bruce DeFoor, "Midtown Stop", Pastel

Quick Draw Competition:

First Place:
           $50 PAPNM Cash, Richeson Art $50 Certificate
                                                                       Elaine Koehler          "Windy Day", Pastel

Second Place:
            Inn of the Mountain Gods Buffet (2) $30 value
                                                                      Maryann McGraw,     "Windy", Pastel


10 photo(s) Updated on: 30 May 2012
  • People's Choice Award, Bruce DeFoor, "Midtown Stop"
  • Best of Show, Nancy Silvia, "By the Lake"
  • Second Place, Howard Brown, "Sierra Blanca Aspens"
  • Third Place, Joanne Daly, "Untitled"
  • Best Oil, Peggy Immel, "Lazy Morning"
  • Best Pastel, Patricia Rose Ford, "By the Creek"
  • Most Creative, Karyn DeBont, "Shady River"
  • Artists' Choice, Diane Buster, “Smoke Haze Lake Bonito”
  • Quick Draw First Place, Elaine Koehler, "Windy Day"
  • Quick Draw Second Place, Maryann McGraw, "Windy"

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