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President's Message - February 2022

04 Feb 2022 1:07 PM | Phyllis Gunderson (Administrator)

Hope all of you are enjoying the clear days we have and are getting out and painting as much as you are able and staying warm!

The 2022 Board of Directors had its first meeting of the year and accomplished much.  

The 2022 Board of Directors includes

  • President:  Phyllis Gunderson  
  • Vice President:  Carole Belliveau
  • Treasurer:  Ginny Bracht
  • Secretary: Wendy Ahlm
  • Historian:  Gwen Ethelbah
  • Membership & Education Director: Jane Frederick
  • Events Director: Cynthia Inson
  • Communications Director: Stephanie West
  • Past President:  Natasha Isenhour

We went over the Bylaws to insure we were all on the same page as well as our roles and understood our responsibilities.   We reviewed and adopted our initial budget for the year.  In the revisit of the 2022 Goals and Objectives we discussed in the 2021 Year End Meeting the four top level goals are essentially unchanged. We are in the process of making some updates on the specifics and how to measure them.   Here is where they stand at this point in time.  As always feel free to drop me a note with your ideas.

  1. Increase PAPNM Membership 
    1. Appeal to all artists - increase membership by 10% from 2021 year end numbers
    2. Define educational programs for 2022
    3. Define educational growth opportunities for artists as a result of our 2022 member survey (You should be seeing that in your in-boxes this month)
    4. Develop a Student Member Program for full time art students in 2 or 4 year undergraduate art program
  2. Increase transparency with our members
    1. Investigate setting up an Ombudsman program and process to address member concerns (independent person to field inquires)
    2. Have 2 open board meetings this year. More if necessary.
    3. Increase volunteerism
  3. Increase sales opportunities for our members
    1. Shows
    2. Investigate Online Sales and Auctions opportunities
  4. Decrease the complexity Board Administrative Operations 

We went over the actions we need to get our events scheduled for the rest of the year.  Headed up by our Events Director Cynthia Inson, we are putting most of our effort in nailing down dates and venues.  As you well may be aware, committing space for a gallery for and organization's event is a big deal, impacting their current artists space and overall business plan.  We are so grateful for those galleries that have invested in PAPNM in the past.  We do, however, have three events scheduled: 

  • The Invitational Exhibition and Show for our Signature and Master Signature members in April at the Fechin Museum in Taos (Chaired by Natasha Isenhour and Barbara Coleman) 
  • PAPNM booth at PACE in May.  We should have the prospectus up for the PACE Booth by early next week, with Cafe opening within 1-2 weeks. Cynthia Inson and I are chairing this event.
  • Non-Juried Paint out and Show at Los Alamos in September.

The other opportunity we have coming up is discounted advertising the Plein Air Magazine.  Watch your email and the web site for specifics.

I would also like to extend a warm welcome to our newest members. 

  • Tom Brown from Fairview, Texas
  • Leslie Coburn from Tularosa, New Mexico
  • Kerry DISanto from Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Karen Elliott from Annapolis, Maryland
  • Lisa Frank from Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Karen Lieberman from Questa, New Mexico
  • Janet Muir from Las Cruces, New Mexico
  • Denise Natanson Marcus from Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Ju Oshiro from Santa Fe,, New Mexico
  • Kate Raphael from Dixon, New Mexico
  • Richie Vios from Austin, Texas
  • Bill Wood from Boulder, Colorado

One of the things that always comes up in volunteer organizations is the need for the members to engage in our community  We have opportunities and needs right now where you can help.  

  • Fund Raising Chair - this person will oversee and coordinate with the Events team for the prizes for our events.  This is a key position.  Please contact me ( or Carole Belliveau ( if you are interested.  
  • Paint Out Coordinators. We need to augment our team to replace our wonderful coordinators from last year.  Specifically, coordinators are needed for Central New Mexico, Western New Mexico and Southern New Mexico.  What this entails is scouting paint out locations, Setting up the paint out information on the website and either hosting or scheduling a host for the Paint Out.  Please contact Cynthia Inson ( if you can fill this very important role.
  • Event Team Members:  We have two events actively in the works right now: the Invitational for our Master Signature and Signature Members in April and our PAPNM booth at PACE.  Contact Cynthia Inson ( if you can serve on one of these core teams.  
  • Communications Team Members:  We are looking for members to assist with Advertising, Social Media and Press Releases and our You Tube Channel.  Please contact Stephanie West ( for more information on these opportunities

As always take care and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us and keep create those beautiful paintings.

Warmest Regards, Phyllis

Mail information to:  
P. O. Box 20503
Albuquerque, NM

Mail Payments  to:  
PAPNM Treasurer
P. O. Box  1948
Santa Fe, NM

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