2018 Signs of Spring Favorite: Bonnie Griffith, Spring on the Snake River.

All PAPNM Member Artists,  Signature Artists and Master Signature Artists are invited to participate in the PAPNM plein air online contests.  In 2018 a contest will be held during each of the four seasons. Suggested locations: paintouts as given on the Paintout Calendar page, though unless otherwise specified, the painting may be from any on-site location. One painting may be submitted for each contest. PAPNM members will vote for their favorite painting after each painting period. The name of the contest indicates the expected theme of the submitted painting. 

Members: during the album entry period submit your painting image as indicated below. Then during the voting period

  1. Review the contest album to find your favorite painting, selecting the number and title of the favorite in order to record the vote) 
  2. Then select the voting module, indicated here and on the home page.






Benefits of entering the contest:

  1. The winner receives a prize - to be announced.
  2. A contest album of submitted images is kept on the website (see Albums on the main home horizontal menu).
  3. An enlarged Winning image is displayed on the HOME page for at least a month and, until the next contest winner is chosen, displayed on the Contests page with the thumbnail also in the Home page's Contest icon.

Details of the contest requirements and instructions for preparing and submitting the painting image online.

Current and upcoming contest descriptions and voting modules.

Photo album for submitting the contest entry available during the contest entry period.

All contest albums.

Non-members: take this opportunity to display a painting online: click Join Us to become a member!
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