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Annual Paintout - Socorro

PAPNM members attended the 6th Annual PAPNM Paintout in Socorro, Oct 22-28, 2011. The weeklong event culminated in an exhibition and sale at Curious Crow Gallery. Here are some photos of the event. Members who would like to have additional photos posted, or who would like to add a couple of descriptive lines to a photo, please email them to Tom Blazier.
25 photo(s) Updated on: 10 Nov 2011
  • Karyn DeBont at the annual paintout in Socorro.
  • Linda Heath set up to paint in the Bosque during the annual paintout in Socorro.
  • Seung Youn's painting received first place in the Quick Draw (Mayor's Award).
  • Sondra Schlotterback paints cottonwoods at the Riverine Park.
  • PAPNM members are shown painting during the quickdraw event in the Socorro town square.
  • Melody Sears is shown during the quickdraw in the square.
  • Melody Sears pauses for a photo op while working on her pastel painting.
  • Linda Eichorst's painting subject, pumpkins, posed a challenge when they were sold to passersby during the quickraw in the square.
  • Keya Horn paints at San Lorenzo Canyon.
  • Ken Davis paints San Acacia Church.
  • Elaine Koehler and Karyn DeBont share a corner during the quickdraw event in Socorro.
  • Jim "Two Hats" Ulrich paints cottonwoods on a cold morning.
  • Jean Kondek is shown painting in the quick draw event.
  • Jean Kondek painting in San Lorenzo Canyon.
  • Jane Chandler is shown painting in San Lorenzo Canyon.
  • Emmett Johns at the Quick Draw paintout.
  • Emmett Johns loves to paint rocks.
  • Outside the Curious Crow Gallery.
  • Diedra Dyson is shown painting on the plaza in Socorro.
  • Diane Buster paints undeterred by a broken tripod.
  • Chuck Stup is shown at his easel across from the Curious Crow Gallery in Socorro.
  • PAPNM members Karyn Debont and Bev Hansen paint at the Bosque del Apache.
  • Bev Hansen paints in the Sawtooths.
  • Exhibition and Sales at Curious Crow Gallery.
  • Jim Ulrich is shown at the quickdraw event in the square in Socorro.

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