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TEST1 Combining public announcement and member registration


Members: Click the Register button to fill out the registration form and choose your payment option. (Be sure you are logged on)
Registration is closed

This will be a test for using the same event for the general public announcement and member registration.  This shows on the ACTIVITIES>>TEST EVENTS PAGE in an Upcoming Events box.

Since it’s available for viewing by the non-member, the Register button can me selected by anyone. But after a complex entry form with CAPTA a non-member will be denied registration.

This can be used for a generic non-Juried Exhibition for members that requires a paid  registration. But it does have all the information for the non-member also.

The public is allowed to see all the details for this event.

The Register button will allow only members to com’plete the registration process. This is controlled via the Registration Types * Setting for the testtype. Unfortunately any members not logged on might end up with a circuitous registration, filling out the member's email and entering a capta set of letter/numbers. So there’s a warning: be sure to log on.

I tried one more thing in this event, or at least in the first event announcement: I added at the end a macro, called something like register... the last in email,macro list. This allows the viewer to register directly from the email. HOWEVER since this is a registration event, it also gives instructions that link one to the registration event. BUT there’s a real problem here. If the email reader clicks on the register button or link he is not told to log on. This leads to the email entry and the CAPTA. 

Would we want this ‘event’ to have all the prospectus and calendar information, not necessarily appropriate for the public. Needs to be thought out.

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