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See the latest version on the Help page.

To find your way around the website, study the Site Map. In addition it might help to have a printed version of the information on this page:  Navigation and Link Tips. ver1.1.pdf .

Page Navigation

Using Menus, Breadcrumbs, Sub Menus & Headers

Horizontal Menu Bar and Drop-down Sub-Menus:

The first thing you see when you bring up the www.papnm.org website is the new horizontal menu near the top. Each menu item is in orange lettering on the black background. For clarification this horizontal menu is called the Main menu in this document. When you click on a Main menu item it will take you to the page where the information is located.

Some of the Main menu items have a vertical menu attached to them. By that is meant that when you click on the Main menu item the vertical menu (aka drop down menu) appears. This menu is also orange lettering on a black background. You can click on each vertical menu item, which will take you to the information you seek.

Some of these vertical menu items also have vertical menu items attached to them. You will see them to the right.


To make it easier to see where you are in the structure, there is a text line right under the Main menu. The text items (“breadcrumbs”) instantly tell where you are in the menu –or page- hierarchy. If a page is underlined in the breadcrumbs you may go directly to that page (try it). Of course, you can always go back to the Main menu. The breadcrumbs are an alternate view of the menu hierarchy.

Navigation Sub Menu

Another way to navigate through the system is through the list of sub pages at the bottom of each page for those pages with sub- pages. These are also shown in orange with every sub page title underlined indicating it is a link. If you click on one of those sub pages it will also take you directly to the information you need.

Headers - Additional Tool:

An additional navigation tool is a link from Home Page headers to the desired page or menu item as indicated by the header name: P AINTOUTS, MEMBER_SHOW, SFP AF, and CONTESTS. These headings have underlines indicating they are links. You can link directly to those pages without going back to the Main menu. More about the underlined links are found below under Links Within Pages.

Search site

A new navigation item: note the Search box at the top right for searching the site..

Phone Navigation:

If you are looking at the website on your smart phone, all navigation is through the three bars at the top left of the screen, i.e. there are no menu, breadcrumbs or sub pages. More tips on this are found on the Mobile Use page.

Links Within Pages

As in the legacy website, when you click on a link it will take you to a document, an album, an exhibition, a directory, or to a different page or even a different website location. How can you tell when something is a link?

All links within a page will be visible when you hover over them with your mouse. The pointer symbol converts to a hand symbol on the screen.

Any text that is underlined is a link. Often the text is blue as well, example "View full exhibition". Some links are blue text, but are not underlined at all but you will recognize them when you put your pointer on them.

When you are looking at NEWS or MEMBERS ONLY >> ANNOUNCEMENTS, you can click on the underlined heading and link to a more detailed description to see the entire item. To get back to the original list there is a back to list link at the top left corner of the page.

One new link item: you will not see the captions when you first look at an album (see Albums under Events and under Contests, or the Entry album for the Contests); you must 'hover' over the captions for them to appear. 

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