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PAPNM Member Paintouts

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Please read PAPNM's Paintout Protocol below before venturing out. And remember to carpool as often as you can! Print and display PAPNM's Official Artistic License on your vehicle dashboard, so that our members know who has arrived on location.

Contact the Paintout Chair (see chair section to the left):

  • To arrange for invited guests to join us at our paintouts. We always welcome future members!
  • To provide details about your favorite place to paint.
  • If you would like to host a monthly paintout session or other outing.

Consider purchasing a GPS or current New Mexico road map to assist you in your travels. All attempts are to give clear and accurate directions. But, as you know, change is constant!  

Paintout Protocol

PAPNM schedules paintouts every month of the year, on various days of the week, with the 1st Saturday and the 3rd Sunday always represented. We will offer multi-day or weekend paintouts periodically. In an attempt to provide a variety of choices, paintouts will encompass most regions of the state.

While weather generally doesn't deter our enthusiastic commitment to painting outdoors, occasionally we simply cannot paint at a particular location as planned. We reserve the right to cancel any paintout, and will try to post notification of any cancellations or changes as far in advance as possible.

In an effort to foster camaraderie, we will try to include places for artists to meet after the paintouts. If none is listed and you know of a convenient location, please inform the other participating artists. Relaxing with your fellow artists after painting en plein air is a good opportunity to get to know each other, exchange ideas, show your paintings, etc. When attending a paintout, please use common sense and don't forget to respect the “personal space” of other painters.

With concern to the very environment that we paint, we encourage a strong environmental ethic and hope you will carpool, respect native vegetation and wildlife, observe and respect private property boundaries, and obey all local, state and federal laws.

We hereby state that the PAPNM organization, its members, associates or sponsors, are not responsible in any way for paintout participants. PAPNM assumes no responsibility for safety and security at the paintouts. We urge all painters to use common sense when attending our paintouts. PAPNM's scheduled paintouts are considered to be public affairs and, if you choose to attend, you are responsible for your own transportation, personal needs, painting, equipment (including emergency equipment), and most importantly, you are responsible for yourself.

Selected Images of Past Paintouts

13 photo(s) Updated on: 26 Aug 2018
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  • Michael Chesney Demo at the Rio Grande Paintout January 2018. 32 artists braved the overcast 30 degree weather to watch his painting demo at the Rio Grande Nature Center. Photo by Lavern Bohlin.
  • Photo by Anne Aleshire. Bosque del Apache National Wildlife refuge paintout.
  • Watercolor by Eric Speyer. "I have taken up painting on a watercolor Moleskin book since they are very handy. One brush, small palette, water container. I usually do four or five paintings per day.
  • 8x10. Oil. By C.S. Talley. Los Luceros. June 16, 2018.
  • Observers at the Carla Forrest Demo of 6/23/2018 at Tingley Beach.
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