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Notes for Event Team Taos Plein Air

To be used for TODO items and Instructions.

TODO Deletions;

Try to edit the page, first deleting the items we will not need: all the workshop information for example.

To Do Prospectus

Once the word document is reviewed and accurate, save it as a pdf file.  Then upload the doc and the pdf files to the folder, Documents/2020 Taos Plein Air. Then link the pdf file from the 2020 Taos Plain Air page: 2020 Taos Plein Air, using an insert file (paper clip) at the desired location. (see the section currently called something like Historic Studios Paint for the current pdf insertion).

To Do Album Creation

Create  sub-pages that will become the albums for the  shows - one for the juried and one for the non-juried show (exact titles to be determined).   See sample album sub-page for other papnm events such as: Online Showcase - 2020 SFPAF; images to be uploaded once we have them.

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