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Photos of artists at work or paintings executed at recent paintuts. PAPNM members may upload Paintout images. Use Upload Instructions or send image to for uploading (including caption), with PAPNM Paintout Photo in the subject line.  Administrators reserve the right to remove photos. 

45 photo(s) Updated on: 03 Feb 2018
  • Photo by Anne Aleshire. Bosque del Apache National Wildlife refuge paintout.
  • Michael Chesney Demo at the Rio Grande Paintout January 2018. 32 artists braved the overcast 30 degree weather to watch his painting demo at the Rio Grande Nature Center. Photo by Lavern Bohlin.
  • Remaining photos of the demo by Dee Sanchez.
  • White Sands yucca from the paintout this past weekend.
  • Laverne Bohlin's setup at the White Sands Paintout on Dec 3, 2017 during the Super Moon weekend. Too bad the cloud cover didn't allow the moon to peek though.
  • White Sands Paintout, Dec 3, 2017. Sunset photo by Laverne Bohlen. Super Moon weekend.
  • Phyllis Gunderson in the RGG of the Rio Grande Paintout.
  • 9th National Juried Member Show Paintout location, Leonora Curtin Wetlands, Santa Fe, NM>
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