2019 Jemez Springs Paint Out & Show Sponsors

Currently visible only to Website Reviewers and Website Testers BUT UNFINISHED ANYWAY.

Alternative ways to list the sponsors (for now with only one such sponsor in the database - for review only.. I. Member Directory and 2. 'Featured Member" Gadget. A main point here is that these sponsor-members can be displayed in different ways. ALSO, note in the directory that there is a link to the member-profile, with address, etc, visible to members. Of course, the website link gives viewers all the same infomation. In either case we would create a group for each sponsor level., by event and year  The problem is that all levels are treated the same; logos are the same size, etc.  But this just shows the different ways we can display sponsors on the website.  In these two cases, we use the tools available. But we have started to use the Slideshows and that may be the way to go.

Member Directory Gadget

Featured Member Gadget


Mail information to:
P. O. Box 20503
Albuquerque, NM 

Mail Payments to: 
PAPNM Treasurer
P.O. Box 20503
Albuquerque, NM

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